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At Nordika we have technology and knowledge to develop C&Q activities with Risk and Science Based Approach reducing the test efforts and resources utilization.

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Design Qualification
Commissioning and Acceptance Tests
Staff Augmentation
Design Qualification

An industrial qualification project involves the development of programs and initiatives to improve the skills and competencies of workers in industry. The main objective is to increase the productivity, efficiency and quality of industrial processes, as well as to promote innovation and competitiveness.

Commissioning refers to the process of checking and ensuring that industrial systems, equipment or facilities are ready and fully functional before they are put into operation. Acceptance tests, on the other hand, are carried out as part of the commissioning process to verify that the facilities or systems meet the previously established requirements and acceptance criteria.

Validation augmentation staff services enable companies to meet specific validation and regulatory compliance demands with experienced and qualified professionals. This provides additional flexibility and expertise, helping companies meet regulatory requirements, improve compliance and ensure quality in their operations.

Audits Supplier Qualification
User Requirements Specifications
Staff Augmentation
Internal Audits directed to specific topics
Audits in third parties
Risk Analysis

These audits are carried out to assess the ability of third parties to comply with the requirements set by the contracting company. Their main purpose is to ensure that third parties are operating in accordance with the standards, regulations and policies established by the company. During third-party audits, detailed reviews of facilities, processes, manufacturing practices, documentation, quality management systems and compliance with applicable regulations and standards are conducted.

A systematic approach to identify, assess and control risks associated with industrial processes, equipment and systems. The aim is to identify and mitigate potential risks that may affect safety, quality, efficiency and compliance during validation and commissioning. Risk analysis in industrial validation and commissioning is key to ensuring the safety, quality and compliance of industrial processes and systems. It helps to proactively identify and address potential risks, thereby minimizing problems and reducing negative impacts.

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