At Nordika we have technology and knowledge to develop C&Q activities with Risk and Science Based Approach reducing the test efforts and resources  utilization. How much money can we save for you?

Design qualification

Your project evaluated by Nordika Subject Matter Expert team.


Our team supporting you to achieve GMP compliance.

Quality Systems

Our team developing your standards and procedures.

Commissioning and Acceptance Tests

Our experts checking equipment and systems on your behalf.

Risk analysis

Risk management, process validation and cleaning, quality deviations, supplier qualification, change control and new product development are factors in the pharmaceutical industry that deserve attention. When well managed and analyzed, risks are avoided as well as unnecessary expense for corrections.

Validation Master Plan (VMP)

One of the main documents that are required in audits, it acts as a statement of the commitment that the industry has in ensuring that its systems, processes and equipment are validated and comply with all local standards (and international when applicable) and are safe for the end consumer.

Computer System Validation

A fundamental step that validates systems that are linked to all manufacturing processes, from production to transport of products that require security, such as pharmaceuticals and food. At Nordika we carry out the complete Computerized Systems Validation.

Traceability Matrix

This service ensures that all requirements are covered and all possible cases are tested. The tool maps all business requirements and creates test scenarios, offering complex and complete traceability.

Technical Specification

We describe the materials and procedures that should be adopted in your life science project. Count on Nordika to carry out this task, saving your team time and resources.

Functional Specification

We also provide a functional specification service, guaranteeing smooth and effective industrial development, with all the necessary documents.

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