Meet some of our automation partners

Through strategic partnerships, in addition to our experience in industrial automation projects, Nordika offers a comprehensive portfolio of services, providing high value-added solutions for our customers. Automation and IT are the key to obtaining competitive advantages by achieving faster, more efficient delivery at lower costs without compromising flexibility and quality. Meet some of our partners and visit their website to learn more. We are integrators of all these systems!

4Horizon: a business company whose mission is to offer national and international technological solutions to companies that want to develop and qualify in the competitive market. In partnership with us, we offer a tool to assess the level of maturity and readiness for Industry 4.0 in the Life Science segment. With the partnership, we offer greater understanding and visibility of the current technological maturity of the industry, and point out technologies with high added value to the consumer market of services or products for the medical and hospital area, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

GE Grid Solutions: provide equipment, systems and services to power utilities and industries around the world to reliably and efficiently move power from the point of generation to the final power consumers. Grid Solutions is focused on meeting the challenges of the energy transition by enabling the secure and reliable connection of renewable and distributed energy resources to the grid. We electrify the world with advanced grid technologies and accelerate the energy transition. Some of its services include: advanced energy management, advanced market management, wide are management, ADMS, outage response, DER Orchestration, Utility communications, geospatial network modeling, geospatial network modeling, digital worker and grid analytics.

Mobile Industrial Robots: Internal transportation and material handling play a fundamental part in logistics success. The autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) from MiR can smoothly optimize these workflows.

Rockwell: There are many ways the cloud can benefit your business, from increasing productivity to accelerating time to market. Some of the software used in the company are: data analysis and management, design, HMI, industrial communication, maintenance, manufacturing execution system, performance monitoring, process, Thin Client management, XR and others.

ROEQ: part of the flourishing Danish robotics cluster on the island of Funen, was founded in 2017 and has the ambition to become the leading global manufacturer of well-engineered, easy-to-use standard mobile robotic equipment to turn your autonomous mobile robot into a powerful, flexible, multi-tasking worker.

Siemens: has the best and most complete catalog of industrial automation and production digitalization products. Check out all solutions and products for industry automation: process automation, PC-based automation, industrial communication, SIMATIC controllers, Industrial controls – SIRIUS, SITOP power supply, identification and location, HMIs and operator monitoring systems, instrumentation of processes, products for specific requirements, automation systems, distributed control systems, industry services, industry software, machine safety, and others.

SynTQ Optimal: with a range of services in the area of industrial automation software is extremely broad with virtually all areas covered. In brief our software skills cover most if not all automation systems including: Batch Process Automation, Continuous Process Automation, Machine & Discrete Automation, MES/MIS, High Level Software & Databases, Air Handling Unit (AHU) for HVAC.

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