We Are Integrators

Nordika has a team of software developers for our technological solutions.

We are ready for software development from the shop floor to the management levels with the leading vendors on the market!

NORDIKA has a long history of implementing advanced automation solutions in regulated pharmaceutical and biotechnology environments.

We help customers in the implementation from simple SCADA solutions, from barcode tracking to complete Paperless production facilities. Our process, automation and compliance experts cooperate, using your process and understanding of GMP to ensure systems meet the exact needs of our customers.

A good solution requires: exact needs of our customers.

A good understanding of the requirements, including how the technology should support the business and manufacturing processes, and the organization.

Standardization and proven methods of engineering management and tools.

A good understanding of regulatory requirements, including current interpretation and use of proven risk validation methods.

Proven technologies and recognized standards.

Nordika offers

  • Management and control of batch – ISA-88;
  • Process Control System (DCS / SCADA / PLC)
  • Advanced Control & Process Optimization;
  • Data Acquisition & Visualization (History);
  • ISA 18.2 Alarm Management System;
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT);
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES);
  • Gestão de Master Data (BOM, MR, SOP);
  • Planejamento de Produção & Execução;
  • Aquisição de Dados & Análises (Histórico, KPI, OEE);
  • Automação de Materiais & Gestão de Almoxarifado;
  • Automação de Rastreabilidade de Produtos;
  • Automação Laboratorial & LIMS;
  • Sistema de Infraestrutura & Integração.