Strategic Selection

The TRM Technological Road Map is a constantly growing tool for use in strategic project management.

The visual ability that the TRM provides is its great attraction. In an efficient way, the TRM presents the strategic alignment of the projects with the proposed objectives for the business.

Nordika applies the TRM in our Technology Maturity Index.

Nordika can act:

  • In defining needs;
  • Scope delimitation;
  • Consulting and leadership of teams;
  • Development of TRM;
  • Criticism and validation;
  • Collaboration in review and updating;




Create and foster the use of technologies relevant to industry 4.0 through a systemic mechanism that maps the current scenario and allows the working group to have indicative variables, KPIs, for the strategic alignment of these technologies with core business interests, using the methodology of technological roadmap.

Pillars of Study

Identification of the current scenario from the point of view of adequacy to Industry 4.0