Industry 4.0 goes much further than the pure application of current technologies. Its main goal is to promote a digital transformation capable of improving the performance of adaptation making companies more agile to change due to the use of Relevant Technologies.

In general, the benefits of the 4.0 Industry act directly on the adaptation time of a company with any event. Figure 1 illustrates the complete cycle, from the detection of an event to the moment the decision-making is effective.

Figure 1: Process of adaptation – Source: Acatech Study  –  Maturity  Index

An event can be an occurrence or detection of some condition inside or around some system, a distinct incident occurring at a specific point in time, that is, an event can be absolutely any occurrence that will cause impacts, such as the failure of some equipment, a possible change in the final product due to seasonality of raw material or even a change in the business models of the company.

In the event detection, it is already possible to apply technologies that will help reduce the perception time of various events, but as the event definition itself indicates a very large degree of generality, even applying relevant technologies on the detection of the occurrence, it can still have a certain latency. However, in the subsequent stages of detecting the event, several technologies can be applied to reduce the latency between stages, as illustrated in  Figure 2.

Figure 2: Process of adaptation – Source: Acatech Study – Maturity Index

The time reduction between the occurrence of the event and the effect of the action taken is the result of increased adaptability, obtained through applications of technologies whose benefits directly impact the steps of event handlers. A company that can adapt in a short period is already aligned and ready for the challenges of the 4.0 industry, where adaptability of its processes will be an indispensable requirement and no longer a differential to competitors. However, the process of the adequacy of the 4.0 industry demands several studies and many project applications.

Figure 3: Development Steps for Industry 4.0

A study that will allow us to identify and map the current scenario is the survey of the Technological maturity Index, and from this, raise opportunities for improvement and applications of projects as a TRM –  Technological Roadmap within a context of adequacy to the 4.0 Industry always to achieve adaptability.


By Tiago Padoan Jucas – Automation Technician


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