We seek the best engineering solutions for our customers. Not all are equal!

Looking to the future, Nordika works by identifying technological risks and opportunities, through systemic monitoring of technological trends and regulatory systems, with the aim of creating an intelligence that guides the generation of new projects.

Open Innovation, we can help you!

  • 1930First engineer
  • 1974Pharmaplan founded
  • 1991NNE is independent
  • 2007Global Strategy
  • 2015Nordika was born!

How Nordika begins


Our history starts back in 1930 when Novo Nordisk employed the first engineers forming a group that would later be called NNE (Novo Nordisk Engineering).

1974 – Pharmaplan a Pharmaceutical Engineering company was founded as part of Fresenius Germany.

1991 – NNE (Novo Nordisk Engineering) demerged as an independent group and starts to provide services outside Novo Nordisk.

2007 – As part of a Global Strategy, NNE acquired Pharmaplan and become NNE Pharmaplan.

2015 –  Nordika was born as an Spin Off of NNE Pharmaplan for Latin American market.


Years of experience


Executed Projects


Awards won

  • 90 years of global experience and 15 years of experience in the Latin American market

  • 15 years of experience in the Brazilian market and 90 years of global experience in pharmaceutical engineering

  • Elected 5 consecutive times the company of the year by ISPE Brasil

  • Winner of the Sindusfarma Quality Award in 2 of the 3 editions for the Projects and Facilities category

  • 300 projects and more than 500 thousand engineering hours executed

  • More than 60 organizations attended

Our Mission

For the good of all, perform our utmost to the world of pharmaceutical engineering.

Our Values

Constant Care

  • Due Diligence, think ahead, proper planning and execution.
  • Aim to exceed our customer’s expectations, being a reference.


  • Listen to learn and to share, and give space to others.
  • Respect different perceptions and experience.


  • Always demonstrate the highest standard of business ethics.
  • Honesty and accountability.

Our Employees

  • Attracting and retaining the right people, building the right team.
  • Rewarding performance, promoting for potential.

Our Name

  • Passionately striving higher.
  • Passion and pride for what we do and how we do it.